WhatproductsMUST I useformyhair?i shampoo+condition,that's all.must I do each on diff days or what?

do I need to shampoo and condition together while I'm in the shower or do I do it separately on different days?also,what other products must i use?i hear people saying .....oil....deep condition..what? I've never used these products before and I'm in need of learning how to care for my hair properly.thankyou!

1 Answer

Only shampoo your hair once a week, whenever you shampoo your hair always use conditioner with it on the same day. You can either make a deep conditioner or buy one and only use it once a week when you shampoo. Throughout the week if your hair looks dry or it feels itchy you can wash it with just conditioner, this is called co-washing. I co-wash ever 2-3 days. Also you should use oils in your hair, I recommend coconut oil and you can find coconut oil anywhere. Rub the coconut oil on your scalp and then comb it through your hair. Only use a wide tooth comb to de-tangle you hair. Another thing you could do is go to hair salon that specializes in what ever type of hair you have (black hair, white hair, Asian hair, if you are mixed go to a black hair salon) and have a hair stylist recommend specific products you should buy. Don't  be afraid to ask he/she questions. Good luck :)