Whats your weekly hair routine

hey ! I have 4b hair, about 2 weeks ago i decided to start taking better care of my hair, to grow it stronger and helthier. I have always been natural but had a lack of taking care of it. So i started washing my hair tuseday a co wash on thursday and a deep condition sunday, all ending with the loc method, but this weekend i noticed it was shedding more then usual, it wasnt a huge amount but it was enough to scare me. Im not sure if thats good and meens my hair is growing or bad and means im not doing something right. I know it has something to do with my new change in routine. Im just trying to hear similar hair types routine and tips. Thanks

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Hi Ameeragurl,Are you washing more than usual? What you are doing now divided in 3 days could actually be done in 2 days or even 1 day. From experience I know that washing your hair too much or to rough can cause your hair to break or fall out. It could also be the products you're using, have you looked at the ingredients?This is my routine:I have completely banned out all the shampoo for almost two years now.Once a week I do an acv-rinse (apple cider vinegar) and cowash at the same time to prevent my hair from drying out from the vinegar. After that I use the lco method and make sure I add a ton of moisture. I try to wash my hair after dinnertime so my hair has enough time to dry before I go to bed. I do not use the pineaple on the first two or 3 days but spread my hair above my head on my satin pillowcase. After washing day I only need to touch it up with some leave in conditioner every day.Ps: It is very important to keep your hair moisturized even on the days you don't wash your hair. You do not need to wet it every day if it's not necessary. For 2nd/3rd/etc day you could wet your fingers and add moisture where needed. A spray bottle filled with a mixture from water and conditioner works for some people as well!