Which oil is better for hair growth and thickness: olive oil or castor oil?

I really want my hair to grow and i recently read castor oil is really good for that but i also read olive oil is good too! Do you curly ladies know which one would be better to promote hair growth and increase thickness?

7 Answers

I'm not sure either really contributes to growth.  
Just a guess but I would say olive oil more for thickness and castor oil more for growth. I could be wrong though so dont take my word for it.
neither - too much coating, look at 18 MEA building products.Scientific Essentials Conditioner is built on that
This is a tricky question...many women say Jamaican black castor oil helped with their hair growth, but I think it's not that simple. I think the healthier your hair is, the easier it grows...and using both olive oil and JBCO will lead to healthy hair.  
Personally I like using Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) for lenghth and thickness.
try mixing both!! Castor oil REALLY helps and olive oil has made my hair amazing!! Castor oil can give you pimples though, so try keep away from your skin and it's kinda hard to wash out (for me) good luck!
both. using castor oil alone might clog the pores and olive oil alone may not give you enough growth but both together work great i use the mix every other day to condition my hair since im doing the all natural hair product challenge