Which part of your hair is the hardest to detangle?

My hair is pretty much easy to detangle, however when I reach my crown it is a different story. It takes me twice as long as a regular section to detangle. My conditioner is amazing and it works wonders on my hair, but I just guess my hair like to be difficult.

2 Answers

That is normal. My hair is the hardest to detangle at the back around the crown area as well. I think it's because the ends are usually thinner than the hair at the top of our head, and the weight of our hair tends to pull the strands down, letting gravity help you with detangling your ends. Just my opinion. This article might help you detangle better, but whatever you do, be as gentle as you can with your hair. Good luck! 
Are you using a wide-toothed comb and conditioner while you detangle in the shower?