Why does my natural hair break off?

When I dry my hair naturally it always breaks off.  I wash my hair once a week.  When I do I use a leave in conditioner, coconut oil, braid or twist my hair down, put on a cap and go to sleep.  However the next morning I wake up to crunchy hair and that loves to break off. I have my hair trimmed every 6 weeks and I even do small trims in between.  The only way my hair does not snap is when I blow dry it out when it is damp. Then it seems to be very happy and shinny.  My hair is fine and very soft, it takes no time to detangle. I believe it is 4b and C because I have two textures in my hair. In the way back my hair is silky straight.  Any suggestions?    

2 Answers

Where does it break off? Mid-shaft? Near the ends? Too much protein can make your hair brittle. 
It breaks off on near the ends.   My diet is vegan so my intake of protein is probably minimal.  However my products are  Shampoo: Alba botanica coconut milk ( very little just enough to remove any product) Conditioner: Suave almond and shea butter    After my wash I use:  Leave-In: Giovanni leave-in conditioner,  and coconut oil.  During the week before I wash I normally use either castor oil on my ends and edges only.  I wear my hair down I keep it braided down or pulled up or down.