Why is my hair breaking off and what can I do to stop it?

My just kind of started breaking out of no where, I haven't really trimmed much but I recently started to bc my ends kept breaking, and I am also seeing small pieces of hair that is coming from my scalp,  that looks like shed hair but I dont understand why it's so small. So I decided to dust my ends, and it seemed to help a lot, even though I did still see a little bit more breakage on my ends.I then went to go get my hair braided at this natural hair Salon for the first time, and the lady messed my hair up even more because she was combing my ends with a small comb, and I realized the damage after I took out my hair. My hair felt worse, I never felt it feel this hard and I never seen hair break off from my hair this much before. So I finally decide to cut a half an inch.. But my hair hair is still breaking off! And I had about 10 inches of hair, so it was growing so nicely, but now it's breaking and I don't know what to do!

1 Answer

Oh no, I can feel the frustration through your words, I can't imagine! What does your normal routine look like? Maybe something needs to be changed up? In the meantime, lots and lots of TLC.... deep treatments at least once a week, maybe this is a good time to try a deep treatment with protein if you haven't already, maybe it will help make your hair stronger. I found a couple articles that might be helpful:It sounds like you've already tried a couple of these, but maybe there's some other helpful hints you haven't seen yet: 8 tips for combating breakage10 styling habits that cause breakageHair breakage 911