Why is my hair so soft?

My hair is very soft. it's great for when I want it straight because it looks really shiny and healthy, but wearing it naturally..My curls separate a lot as they dry and it ends up very poofy, bits of it become straight.You can see in the picture a couple bits hold..but the rest just kind of becomes a scarf! I'd like it to hold it's curl/wave more.I currently wash it with sulfate free shampoo and then any conditioner in the house.. I put some argan oil in it and Paul Mitchell leave in conditoner sometimes.Any help MUCH appreciated 

4 Answers

Your curl pattern is beautiful! You could try drying your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel. Then scrunch in some gel, curl cream, or mousse (or any product that you feel works well for you) while your hair is still very very wet. If you search around a little you can find a bunch of techniques that curlies have come up with. Best of luck. : )
What products are you using? 
Some silicones can make that "soft" feeling. 
is it a bad thing to have soft hair?