Why my 4A hair is so tight and dense?

I BC nearly a year ago now, and I am still learning to take care of my hair. When i found out i had low porosity hair, i coloured it to correct it. Even though it absorb water and product better that before  it's still tight when dry. My hair is so soft when wet, but as it fries, its hell! What can i do? please HELP!!!

3 Answers

Low porosity hair isn't a bad thing, and you didn't need to correct it. It just means it takes a while for your hair to get wet. But it also means once your hair is moisturized it STAYS that way much longer than someone with high porosity hair. So now that you don't have low porosity hair, you have to make sure you do more things to seal in that moisture like 1) Rinsing out your conditioner with cool water2) Using an oil to seal your hair after you apply the styler3) or using the LOC method www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/kinky-hair-type-4a/loc-method-the-routine-every-curly-should-knowwww.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/kinky-hair-type-4a/best-products-for-the-loc-methodhope that helps! 
Now that your cuticle is opened even more, it is import to moisturize and seal your hair with thicker products, such as butters, in order to retain more moisture. You may want to incorporate co-washing into your regimen in order to reinforce moisture through out the week. In the future, try the Cherry Lola Treatment to open the cuticle of your strands as an alternative to color treating. This is a safe way to lift the cuticle without altering the protein structure and potentially causing dryness.
Thank you so much ladies for your answers and support. I have done a LOc spray and use that during the day and it makes my hair soft in its wet stse. but as it gries my hair sstill is moisturize, but get stiff (if that's the word), and i dont understand it!!!How and why can moisturized hair can get tough? #desperate#fustrated#but love my natural hair#