Why shouldn't you brush curly/wavy hair?

Stupid question but...I've seen load of people say that you should never brush curly hair. I have 2b/c hair which I usually brush when it's full of conditioner in the shower, I tried combing the other day and it took ages to get knot-free (usually I can just pull the brush through a couple of times) plus pulled out way more hair than usual. So, what am I doing wrong?

2 Answers

I've never heard that curly hair should not be brushed. I would think that brushing is a lot more safe. The brissles on a brush are softer than on most combs; or atleast some of the brushes i can think of. Bore brushes are soft; they have hard ones too though. And the "tangle teezer" detangler brush is gentle on any hair type because the brissles are fine an flexy type of plastic. But dont just take my word for it.
most people who have type 3A or above say that because it gets extremely puffy. And, you're not doing anything wrong. Your hairtype shoud be fine. As long as you don't pull too hard when you brush, you should be good. :)