Why won't my hair get wet?

In the shower the water just runs through my hair without soaking in. This means that none of the products I use work because they don't soak in either. I don't think it's build up because I clarified but it didn't work. Is it low porosity? And if so what can I do?

2 Answers

It could be low porosity. My hair has low porosity and it does take a while for it to get wet. I stand under the hot shower water for maybe 3min while massaging and running my fingers through it to get it wet. The hot water should help to open the cuticle so it can absorb the water. As for styling products it's hard because I think lighter oils and gels are recommended but my hair still feels dry and gets split ends. I started trying out a hair butter/cream which is much thicker but because I have to take more time to rub it in, I can feel my hair absorbing it and the ends are looking moisturized. Hope this helps some.
I know what you're going through because I use to have the same problem. Try using some protein treatments and deep treatments. For deep treatments, I use some mayonnaise, eggs and olive oil. If you want try some coconut oil which is extremely healthy and will hydrate your hair. I will put the link down below for the protein treatment. Good luck!!!http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0018V5CXA?pc_redir=1398473652&robot_redir=1