Will my hair thin after my sew in?

I got a sew in about 3 weeks ago, it was really cheap hair so I kept it in for that 3 weeks and I took it out. As soon as I took it out, I washed it, not knowing that my hair would get matted. My mom just combed it out and rebranded it cause I got a sew in the same day. So I was wondering if a lot of my hair would break or if be really thin cause I don't think that the shed hair was properly removed. 

1 Answer

3 weeks? Wow, my mom would never allow me to wear a weave for only 3 weeks(she's really cheap). Anyway, as long as the braids aren't too tight, and you do not(I repeat) DO NOT EVER weave wet hair, you will be fine. I usually wear mine for 3-4 months. To be quite honest I haven't really been take care of my hair underneath, and I haven't seen any thinning yet. Of course, you should be making an effort to take care of your hair while in the weave, but just make sure if you wash it that it is completely dry, because I have heard that some people who wear weaves have a problem with mold growing on their hair.