Will damaged edges ever grow back again??!! And how do I prevent damaged edges?

I have Jamaican Black Castor Oil but I was wondering, is there a quicker way to regrow damaged edges and how can they prevented again?

1 Answer

Prevention is the best way to keep your edges.  You can prevent edge damage by treating your hair in the gentle way it needs as it is very delicate.  Comb your hair from the ends toward the roots at all times and detangle the hair before cleansing.  You also need to make sure you do not style your hair in tight braids along the hairline or braids that are too small.  The same is true for all forms of extensions which should not stay in the hair for anymore than 2 months.  Continue to use the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, it has proven itself to revive edges as much as they can be restored and from here, take excellent care of the hair you have.  Grab an edge tamer when styling your hair in slick styles, they allow your hair to have the sleek look without the tension!