With summer approaching, What should I do with my hair when I decide to go swimming?

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I LOVE swimming! It's my favorite exercise and my favorite thing to do in the hot Texas summer. With that said my curly hair gets extra love. Swimming caps tugged at your delicate edges, and coating your hair in conditioner every time you swim is costly. I like to wet my hair until its fully soaked and put it in a hig bun before I get in the water. Your hair follicle will not have enough room to absorb any other liquid, which is good. You don't want a bunch of drying chlorine in your hair. When I get out, I wash my hair and deep condition. If you go more than twice a week, you might want to consider that previous suggestion of coating with conditioner...Good read:http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curly-beginners-guide/swimming-with-curly-hair/
Good advice from Nikki. It's really smart for you to get your hair wet before you get in the pool. 
naptural85 has a method to protect natural hair from chlorine and saltwater while swimming. Check it out: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-bgjH8Gcql8
If you swim laps, putting oil on your hair or slippery conditioner will only make a silicon cap slip off. I have even tried silicon under latex. Mind you, latex is hard on your hair. Loading my hair with conditioner has never worked for my 3B/C fine long strands. So porosity may be a factor, if it works for some ladies. I have had success with the water method, but simply spraying your hair isn't enough, even for me. I have to get in the shower and completely wet it. Since I use the LOC method, I figure those products I used after my weekly condition and LOC are still in my hair, so I can condition it after. If you are one to lounge on the deck, you could put in conditioner, cover your hair and the let the sun do it's work. I don't have time for that and I am not deep conditioning in the locker room. I MUST shower after I swim. Otherwise, I feel yucky. I also don't want to hbe carting a lot of products in my gym bag. If the pool is close by, you could wash your hair and condition and style damp strands at home. Good luck. Swimming is fantastic. You could try water aerobics too. I am an instructor and your head stays above water but you get a great workout. 
DEEP CONDITION. Deep condition every time you go to the pool and use the big bucks kind of deep conditioner 'cause Diys and the ones under 10 won't be good enough. There's more information about this in an article on this website. It goes in depth about it.