Also wondering, what products would you recommend for hair growth? I don't know what to buy :(

My hair is usually in a protective style but when it's out, I like to put it in a high puff or two braids. I want my hair to be very long so I don't have to keep adding extensions. Any tips/product recommendations? I want to get Shea moisture products but I'm not sure which line to go for :/

1 Answer

Hello there! Let's discuss two things; Hair Growth and Length Retention. For healthy hair growth, remember you can grow your hair (most likely) up to .5 inches per month on average. If you want to maintain that rate or slightly speed it up you MIGHT be able to do so with enhanced nutrition and taking a multivitamin or hair vitamin. The results are subject to the person and there is no real hard data that I have found to support that it is possible so, no guarantee. Now let's say you are able to maintain a great rate of growth. You wouldn't want to lose your new hair length! So to maintain the length you need to take care of your hair topically. Look for products that help to moisturize and strengthen your hair. In the Shea Moisture line, I would try he Raw Shea Butter or the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collections. Both of which are formulated for hair growth. Also, be sure to deep condition your hair every 2 or 4 weeks to keep it strong from root to tip. Finally get a trim every 2-3 months! Does that help?!