Why won't my hair lock in any moisture?

Hello,I have a problem with my hair staying wet. Even in the shower I can tell that the water doesn't soak into my hair. As soon as I get out of the shower, my hair is already drying and frizzing up. So, what I do is hop back in the shower just to get my hair a bit more wet. I put in my products as soon as possible to try to get my hair to absorb it. I believe I have low porosity hair. As for washing I use either DevaCurl's No-Poo Origional or Coconut Oil Shampoo by OGX. I plan on using DevaCurl's One Condition soon, but for now I switch between Pantene's Moisture Renewal, Shea Moisture's Low Porosity Conditioner, and Damage Eraser by Pantene. I wanted to know if my products have something to do with my hair drying out so quickly, or if there's anything I add to my routine to help my hair lock in moisture better. I have a mix between 3a and 3b curls. My hair does have color over bleach, so I know that's drying it out. I already use Virgin Coconut Oil as a deep conditioner every once and again, and I wash my hair 2-4 times a week. If you want to know what styling products I use, I can list them, too. Much help needed, thanks! :) 

1 Answer

Hi! I think you're high porosity because you bleached and dyed your hair, which means your cuticles are lifted. Also, your hair doesn't retain moisture, which is a key characteristic of high porosity hair. I'd suggest you wash your hair and condition throughly but rinse it off with cold water so you retain more moisture (the cold water closes your cuticles so the moisture stays in). Also. Try to take your leave in cream or moisturizing product to the shower with you so you can apply it as soon as you turn the water off to make sure the hair doesn't dry before you can apply the product all over it. Shea Moisture has a line for low porosity hair and high porosity hair. I am low porosity and it worked super well for me. They also have a lot of hair masques for deep conditioning that could help. Note: Stay away from products that contain sulfates (it dries out curls) and silicones (they give a false impression of moisturized hair)