Is it worth the curls? About to give up.

I am about to give up on my curls. My fiance and I are pinching our pennies right now. I can't afford to run out and try every product to see what works for me (even if I did would it be a waste of time? All I have is carols daughter leave in conditioner and hair milk they both weigh my hair down and make it look and feel greesy) so I dont have any products. Cant afford any products. Can't go out and buy a special pillow case. Shower at night I've tried pineapple and plopping, both alright, curls are defined but they're wild and can't be tamed. Are my curls worth it? The struggle, the aggrivation the money. Someone, if you can help me maintain my curls at the lowest cost possible please help. 

4 Answers

try heat-less overnight styles like braid outs, bantu, twist etc. then u can can just use one of the  products you have to just lightly moisturizers it while overnight heat-less styles gives it definition. There are plenty of videos on Youtube for at home tools you might have but don't use like straws(yes i know it sounds weird lol).
Try inexpensive dollar store conditioners like VO5 and Suave and lightly use them as a styler, scrunching a bit into your curls in the shower.. Trust me, I don't spend a lot either!
A lot of stuff, you can try to make at home using stuff you might have. Deep conditioners can be made out yogurt, oils (olive and coconut are great), eggs, mayonnaise, avocados, bananas (old or new), etc. so no need to buy stuff out there. You could try thinning out both the leave in and the moisture milk if they are too heavy for your hair. Try and take any empty bottle (or place you can hold the product) and start mixing in water until you get a consistency that you like better and won't leave your hair wet. As for the pillow, you could also use a scarf, but I would try Dollar Tree, if you have one near. I've bought 2 satin pillowcases for $1 each. You could also do what Jessiejess said and buy conditioners form the dollar store (though I think Walmart has VO5 for 75 cents) and, if you find more moisture, you may want a little oil to your conditioner (that can help it double as a deep conditioner too).
Yes ,they're worth it ! Don't give up. I am 2b , very frugal budget ( I m not CG , and get tired of people recommending over priced stuff) I cannot afford Deva curl or expensive products..Try Aussie Moist Condtioner . Suave coconut conditioner as leave in. Then a inexpensive gel, like diluted la looks or aussie. Or Cantu define and  shine custard, you only need small amounts sine 2b, so it will last a long time. If you have a Dollar General near you try African Pride Curly custard, its and aloe based light gel. Great. Suave, Vo5 and aussie work for me. CHeck newspaper for coupons too. Good luck..