Would braids help my hair grow???!!!

Hey curly girls! i recently wanted to wear braids in my hair but was wondering if it would be bad for my hair 3c. and i really wanted to know if braids would help my hair grow!!!

3 Answers

Braids are usually a good protective style if the braids are loose! not super tight which can put tension on your roots. And hair growth is controlled by hormones and overall health. A hair style cannot help hair grow, but it can aid in health which helps healthy growth. So to answer your question, it does not help your hair grow. or else, we would ALL be walking around with braids 24/7 haha!
Braids are great for protecting your ends, but braids that are too tight and in your hair too long may backfire on you in the long run, causing breakage in your roots. Make sure you pay as much attention to both ends of your hair!
When they're not done too tightly or too small they can be a really good protective style. Thy're good because you manipulate your hair less. Whenever I take my braids out my hair is a little bit longer espically if I oil my scalp with castor oil while my braids are in.