What is wrong with my hair?

Hello!I am a girl with 3c hairtexture but my hair is looking and feeling very weird lately. It is lifeless, volumeless, it does not soak up products well anymore. It is also dry and if I scratch my head al those white things come off. I think it is dandruff. My scalp also itches sometimes.I wash my hair once a week with cantu shampoo which makes my hair really clean. All the dirt comes out of my hair when I wash it with that shampoo. I have used this shampoo for a few weeks now and the first time I used it my hair looked really good. I also started to do deeptreatments every week because I have low porosity hairOnce in a while I use apple cider vinegar to clean my hair.I use kinky Curly, sheamoisture and cantu to style my hair.That is all I do to take care of my hair hopefully you can help me out!I have no idea where it comes from!(Excuse my crappy English, I'm from Europe &#128

1 Answer

are you white or black? I am white with 3a/3b hair. I couldn't go a week without washing my hair. Black people can go much longer between washes though so race is a factor. Possible product buildup could be the cause. Infrequent washes and oily hair can lead to yeast infection of the scalp which will cause flaking and itching. More info is needed to help you more.