After years of straightening i want to restore my curls, Help!

I've always had ringlet curls dark thick hair to go with it and as most people with curly hair do hated it  and started to straighten it it at 11 years old now I'm 22 I want to try and restore them I've just had a big chop a good 3/4" off so it seems I'm starting off right but I'm overwhelmed with what products to use to shampoo and deep conditioners and all this talk of proteins? It's all a bit confusing anyone have any advice it's appreciated ?

1 Answer

Welcome back to the World of Curls! We've missed you! hehehehe I'm just teasing :) Any new curl embracer should ake a deep breath, and start slow! You just have to find what works for you through trial and error! First formulate an idea of what you want your regimen to look like and this will guide your product selection. From there, you simply have to find the right products for each "slot" in your regimen. Remember, the less stress applied to your strands on a regular basis- the less work and the less products you will need. There is no point in doing a protein treatment twice a month if you only wear wash'n'gos using natural products. Similarly, if you like to wear various styles and are consistently pulling and tugging your strands to do them than doing a protein treatment twice a month may be what you need to keep your hair healthy. In the same vein of thinking, if you don't need protein treatments very often then you probably won't need a very strong protein laden product. Going back to wash'n'go vs. various styling, the wash'n'go styler could probably get away with a product that's "strengthening"... the various style wearer would probably need an "intensive mask". Styling=stress=weaker strands= more and stronger productsFor example- If you find yourself to become a wash'n'go kind of curly and you find that doing this process every three days works for you then you would need 1)good co-wash/conditioner, 2) a styler that can be cowashed out, 3) a light protein treatment, and 4) a clarifying shampoo. That's it. Simple. The protein treatment and clarifying shampoo would more than likely only be needed once every few weeks because you aren't putting a lot of stress on your strands and you're not using a lot of products that have to be shampooed out. I'm not sure if this answers your question but I hope it helps some!