How to apply tea tree oil on my scalp and hair, and should I simply co-wash after application?

1 Answer

Tea Tree oil is quite potent and concentrated so please don't apply it directly to your scalp. If you want to apply it to your scalp try one of these ways: 1. Put a couple drops in your shampoo. With shampoo, you're focused on your scalp, so with that oil in there and you stimulating your scalp, it'll work wonders!2. Put a couple drops in your deep conditioner. The thing with this is, you probably shouldn't be putting too much DC on your scalp, or you may find it is itchy afterwards.3. Make an oil blend, and put some in there (still not much, but depends on the amount of ounces of oil blend you'll be making.) Grab some carrier oils (olive, coconut, jojoba, almond, avocado to name a few..) to make up majority of your blend and then top it off with a couple drops of tea tree, and use this to massage your scalp.Now with your cowashing question. This depends. I personally think you should massage your scalp every couple days with the oil and maybe cowash midweek. Some people's hair can drink up oil, while other heads may feel coated/greasy/weighed down. So this depends on how your hair responds to the oiling. If you find your hair feeling funny or sticky, you should probably cut back on the amount of oil used or the frequency that you're oiling your scalp, and find a balance between cowashing and scalp massaging.Good Luck!