Are 2-in-1 shampoo and conditions good for co-washing?

I am going to try co-washing my hair. I am on a budget and I think 2-in-1 shampoo and conditions would be perfect for co-washing. They have the cleansing element and it's moisturizing. I also heard that the VO5 conditioners make good co-washes. 

2 Answers

I wouldn't recommend it if it has sulfates, if it were me I would stick to products  that advertise being cowashes, pantene naturals makes a good one about 20 oz for 4-5 $. Good luck on your hunt.
VO5 and suave naturals are both lightweight, cheap conditioners that make great cowashes. They don't really have cleansing properties, but if you aren't using silicones, they're perfect. Things advertised as cowashes are usually just light conditioners given a name that gives them the excuse to overcharge. You have type 4 hair, which is usually very dry, so I would stick to a sulfate free/silicone free regimen and use a light conditioner to cowash.