Are sulfates REALLY that bad?

I use the Deep Moisturizing Mane 'n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner for my 3c/4a hair. People say that the brand (Mane 'n tail is suppose to make your hair thicker and   longer.) The only problem is that the Shampoo contains the Sodium Laureth sulfate ingredient, but its not like my hair is dry,frizzy, or even damaged(Not that I know of). I usually deep condition my hair once a week after I wash my hair. (Using the 'one n only Argan oil Hydrating Mask) After that's been in my hair for a while, I apply the Cantu shea butter (for natural hair) Moisturizing curl activator cream on damp/wet hair. Lastly, I put in coconut oil. I've tried to have a co-washing experience with my hair but I've read that, that causes build-up, and I switched back to using shampoo.

3 Answers

Yes. In the long run it will cause damage and dryness. Read up on these:  SULFATES: KNOW WHAT TO AVOIDTRUE OR FALSE: SULFATES ARE EVIL
It's totally your preference, if you use sulfates and you're happy with the results then keep on using them! It's good to be aware of ingredients so that if you're ever unhappy with your hair you can adjust your products and see what works/doesn't work for your hair.
sulfates will dry out hair if uses excessively. I'm 4am as well and I us tresemme naturals which has less but it's only applies to my scalp once a week. Sulfates aren't recommended but if your hair is in great shape do what you're doing