Buildup. Again

This is like the 5678th time ive asked this and im sorry if i am annoying anyone with the same question but i just cant get rid of this issue! I washed my hair with a moisturizing shampoo to get rid of buildup because harsh shampoos just end up causing me to rip out handfuls of hair during the detangling process, i  focused on my scalp to get rid of the buildup and my hair was left  with a little buildup even after 30 minutes of long and hard scrubbing. I honestly have nothing to do anymore. I use little product to avoid buildup. I dont put any product on my scalp. Nothing seems to be working. I cant use a clarifying shampoo everyweek but shampoo just doesnt get the job right and neither does co washing. Please please please help me with my buildup issue. Im afraid my hair wont grow due to my clogged scalp. This happens every week! 

2 Answers

Ok so I definitely don't recommend co washing just because its cleansing what so ever. Now as for shampoo I know many naturals say "No sulfates" and stuff like that but litterally everyone is different and sulfate wont kill you plus its to your benefit. I personally dont use sulfate because I dont need to. But if you scalp get serious build up then by all means I say you go for something truly cleansing. Now to me it just sounds like you have a naturaly oily scalp which is nothing wrong with that. When shampooing focus on the scalp. Then afterwards get a GOOD conditioner and then detangle with the condition in. Trust me its way better if you do whats best for you.
You want a shampoo that is sulfate free and marked as clarifying. Your scalp should feel refreshed after washing. I know some shampoos I've tried in the past really stripped my hair. ORX Hydrating Macadamia Oil shampoo stripped my hair to the bone, so much so I heard it squeak. That may be a good shampoo for you to try since you have an issue with product build-up. I also use ORS Hair Repair Invigorating Shampoo and like that a lot. It cleans my hair well but doesn't strip it of all oils. My scalp always feels refreshed after using this shampoo.  Do not co-wash. Doing such will only lead to more product build-up and it doesn't "clean" hair like people think it does.