Is there a CHEAP drugstore shampoo i can get for my 2b hair?

I tried using an all-natural shampoo from SheaMoisture and though it was nice to my hair, my scalp is not happy after using it- itchy, dry, white flakes coming from my head (I know it is not dandruff). Is there a sulfate-free shampoo I can get at the drugstore that is light enough for my hair type?

2 Answers

You can use V05 its around $1 per bottle, and so is the conditioner. You can also try Suave Naturals its about the same price and they are mostly natural and amazing.
If your scalp is itchy, I would choose products that have tea tree oil in it. It's a natural antiseptic and has been known to help with troubled skin. Look for Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle or Giovanni's Tea Tree shampoo. You can also add tea tree oil to your conditioner and co-wash, you can buy the oil at a Vitamin Shoppe or local healthfood store.