dandruff and curly hair with no shampoo?

I have dandruff so use head and shoulders. I was told at Devachan and have read that I shouldn't use shampoo. What should I do about my dandruff then?

1 Answer

I had dandruff and the doctor told me to use 'nizoral' (which has sulfate and is horrible for my hair) and it didn't even work.I have three solutions for you:1. You can use the shampoo but don't leave it in for too long and moisturise your hair extremely well (might look very greasy)2. Have you tried clarifying your hair? What appears to be dandruff might actually be build up from your products.3. OIL THAT SCALP! So what I did was I did my usual deep condition (coconut oil twice a week) and put some coconut oil into my scalp and massaged it for about 3 mins. I left it in for about 8 hours and the next day there was no dandruff! I hope this helps. I have 2b/3a hair :)