Why does my hair dry out so much when I wet it down. :(

every time i wash my hair, after it completely dries it is at its breaking point (it breaks easily and it sounds like rubber but feels like....dryness. Not the good dryness.

2 Answers

Make sure your shampoo doesn't have sulfates or silicones in it or it will cause more dryness. If you can, try some products from Shea Moisture. Their Manuka Honey is the most moisturizing and it's great. The Superfruit 10 in 1 deep conditioner would probably be helpful as well. You might also need a protein treatment especially if your hair has heat damage, or is chemically or color processed. There are homemade masks you can make or buy a Hask Keratin mask or splurge for the Aphogee protein treatment. You can also add an oil to your regular or deep conditioner like coconut, argan, olive or grapeseed.We can't go in the water and come out and feel moisturized. Water evaporates and when it does it often pulls some of our own moisture out with it. So we have to add more than just water to our skin and hair for it to feel good and soft. I hope some of that can help! 
You need to make sure you are using something on top of the water/moisture to seal it in.