What exactly is a wash and go?

I consider a wash and go, when you wet your hair in the shower, and then get out, apply conditioner all over your hair, comb through your hair with conditioner, leave in, wash out and apply products.

2 Answers

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Depends. Different people give different meanings based on their preference. For me a wash and go is the idealized look that you would get if you were to wash your hair and just let it dry. However, for most people the ideal isn't reality so a wash and go takes a lot of time. Most people don't just wash their hair and roll out the door for work with air dried hair.  Wash N Go's are typically out and down (no buns, braids or twists) and are your natural curl pattern.  My wash n go's require detangling and layers of products. I do however know people who wash their hair with quality shampoos and conditioners, detangle in the shower, let it air dry, and roll. Those people are mostly type 2s and 3A or 3B.