Feeling Clean

I have 2b curls. I use Controlled Chaos cleanser (as seen on Shark Tank. I absolutely adore this product), but my hair hasn't been feeling as clean. I even think it says on their website not to use the cleanser every time you shower. So, what's my alternative? 

1 Answer

Hi SJax, If your hair isn't feeling clean, you will need to use a stronger shampoo in between your washes with Controlled Chaos. I would recommend something with stronger surfactants, but not as strong as a clarifyer. My favorite shampoo is Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo. It makes my hair feel really soft, but it really cleanses the scalp, which is what you need. Don't forget to use a clarifyer once a month, too. If you don't have a favorite clarifyer, I recommend Eluncence Volume Clarifying Shampoo. It's the best! I know you love your Controlled Chaos, but be sure to pay attention to how your scalp is feeling after a day or two from using it. If your scalp feels greasy and unclean, you might want to consider changing shampoos. Scalp care is very important! Good luck.