good shampoo for dandruff

Hi, I am currently suffering from flaking on my scalp and I dont know what to use to get rid of it. I have tried shea moistures deep cleasing shampoo and head and shoulders shampoo but neither seem to get rid of the problem for good. I have also tried acv for dandruff but it didnt help me either. Also, everytime I use a dandruff shampoo, it really dries my hair out. Ive tried the head and shoulders co wash but my scalp did not feel clean after. Any tips?

2 Answers

You don’t necessarily have to use a shampoo to remove dandruff dear. You can use tea tree oil (I found this in the ethnic hair section at Walmart.) Pour some into a little teacup and dilute with water so as not to irritate your scalp even more. Apply it on your scalp and massage your scalp thoroughly with your fingers (no nails!!) for a while. You can also leave it in for up to a day. It will probably get rid of your dandruff. You may also just have a dry, flakey scalp that looks like dandruff and that could be why many dandruff shampoos are not working.
It is essential to cleanse the scalp regularly. Massaging the scalp with tea tree oil before or after cleansing, deep conditioning, and applying a moisturizer is a great way to supplement regular cleansing. You may want to dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil like jojoba, as tea tree can be potent when used alone.