How to keep my hair clean?

i washed my hair yesterday, applied product and today i am appliying a moisturizer to my hair and im already noticing buildup, how do i keep my hair clean and moisturized? This happens after every wash and go! Please help!!

3 Answers

You may want to evaluate the products that you are using.  I bet you have fine strands on of hair and therefore more sensitive to build up.  I find that find curls can get tangled very easy and therefore products that make the curls stick together are especially difficult to deal with. You should try using leave in conditioners most of the time.  They are light weight and you can apply more if need be without the build up feeling.  Try a botanical based product as these tend to be a little curl friendly for hair like yours.
Try a cowash, shampoo, or a dry shampoo.
to further rookies answer you may have fine hair or could even have low porosity. Try using lighter products such as dry oils or light oils for sealing and make sure your leave in conditioner is water based.