My hair is always dirty!

I have asked this question before, but nothing seems to be helping. I wash my hair and apply my product and a day after its itchy and i have a dirty scalp. I cleanse my hair and its clean when im out of the shower. Im afraid my hair wont grow due to the issue with my scalp. How do i take care of this issue? Ive been using the LOC method but all it leaves me with is dirty hair week after week! There is not a full day where my scalp isnt full of buildup and debree. Idk how to keep my hair clean.

1 Answer

Hi loving3bcurls,It is possible that you are using too much product. I tend to be very heavy-handed with products so when I layer like in the LOC method, it gets even worse. For some products, a little goes a long way especially since you layer products with the LOC method. Try drastically reducing the amount of each product you use. Cut the amount down to a crazy small fraction like 1/4 or less, almost to where you wonder if its enough and see how your hair holds up in terms of moisture and if feels less dirty or takes longer to get dirty. Another thing I've noticed is that when I apply oils on wet hair, I can't tell whether I used enough or not and usually end up using too much. What helps is to apply the oil (and other products in sections (at least 4-6) and apply just a bit on each section.It may take some trial and error, but you can find the absolute smallest amount of product you need to keep your hair moisturized. Maybe its a lot less than you think.For your itchy scalp, stay away from applying your products near the scalp. Focus on the length of your hair and the ends especially. Your scalp creates its own oils so you don't really even need to put oil on your scalp. Give yourself scalp massages for 2-4 minutes at least once a week or more with tea tree oil or rosemary oil or a mixture. Just use a little. These essential oil should help soothe your scalp.In the end, it is okay if you need to wash your hair more than once a week. It would be nice if you didn't have to, but it might just mean that your hair doesn't need as much moisture as you are giving it because its producing and spreading your own natural oils through your hair and scalp in addition to what you already put on there. Same reason my friend with wavy hair says her hair looks like an oil slick if she doesn't wash it a few times a week. She hardly uses any product. Its her own natural oils she's talking about it just gets worse when she adds products to that.This article might help too: hope that helps!