hair dry after cleansing day!! help!!

right now im using shea moistures yucca & bamboo cleanser(dark green label) for thin hair . once a week. and then I condition with tresemme naturals conditioner. followed by as I am leave in. I give myself a couple of bantu knots, use my castor oil for my scalp and tie with a satin bonnet.  for the past month ive notice my hair gets really itchy after wash day as well my hair strands feel coarse/dry...any suggestions???

2 Answers

I would start off by getting a different conditioner . I'm not trying to slander Tresemme at all but it's not the best hair company for curly hair , and it's not the best as a leave in either.i suggest using shea moistures conditioner or soft sheen Carson's , and the Organix line has a nice amount of moisturizing conditioners to choose from. but if you know  Tresemme  products work for your hair then continue using it .I would also try switching to a different shea moisture shampoo. It might not be doing anything for your hair anymore .It's nothing wrong with the Shea moisture line itself , but don't use their shampoo for thin hair if your hair is starting to feel more coarse. I would use their thick and curly shampoo, see if your hair responds differently.  Even go as far as staying away from Bantu knots for a week to give your hair a break from that manipulation .Now I notice you didn't say anything about deep conditioning , and I really hope you are deep conditioning because it helps replenish moisture into the hair .Shea moisture's masque ( known as a deep conditioner) is really nice.  Lastly , I would stay away from putting castor oil directly onto your scalp . From what you have told me , it sounds like the castor oil might be clogging up your hair shaft and it won't allow your natural oils to flow to your hair strands , making them dry . Stay away from castor oil for a month and replace it with coconut oil because our scalps love coconut oil ! It's molecular structure is able to penetrate our hair shaft and moisturize your hair strands. I hope all of these tips help you !
Might want to check those ingredients for things like SLS. Something in them is causing a the itchies and scratchies. I would also think that  JBCO is thick enough to cause some MAJOR build up. How often are you cleansing your scalp? Build up makes it itchy too. Also you might just need a different shampoo. Those ones that target thin or thinning hair often contain proteins and too much of it can cause dryness and breakage. So look for a more moisturizing shampoo or a co-wash. These are my fav things to use. I hope they help ya!Nikki Chanel's Favorites