why is my hair frizzy,oily and stringy?

guys,my curly hair is going super frizzy and stringy and oily after shower, i use tresseme naturals shampoo just a little bit and tresseme naturals conditioner an some leave in ... my hair is too oily,i have been putting castor oil for few days on my scalp to help growing my hair.. i am fed up with my hair that i straightened it. what should i do now ? is it build up or something? if i wash it really good with shampoo..will it be good again?thanks:) have a nice day ..:)

1 Answer

It might also be the oil you use-- castor oil tends to work well for thicker, kinkier textures. Try a lighter oil like jojoba oil, unrefined coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil instead. And the frizz after your showers might be a result of the way you dry your hair-- don't use terry cloth towels-- use a microfiber towel (you can find at Target, Walgreens) or simply a t-shirt. "Plop" your curls to dry them-- this reduces the chance of frizz. And if your hair feels weighed down, oily, and stringy, it may not need as much shampoo. If you feel a lot of dirt build-up, then clarify but try to minimize it to once a week. You want to keep your volume and the strength of your curls-- the harsh ingredients in most shampoos will prevent this, over time. Hope this helps!