My hair is way too shiny and dry, but my scalp is oily. Is there a way to treat this?

2 Answers

Is your hair fine?  And do you finger style or use combs? And have you used any chemical treatments? If your scalp is producing a lot of oil, your hair should not be so dry.... However, sometimes people do have dry hair and not a dry scalp.  If your hair is easy to "comb through,"  comb through or paddle brush through your hair in the evenings to move the scalp oil to the rest of the hair.  Try this for a few days and see if this helps, otherwise add a little coconut oil to the tips of your hair in the evening.  By the morning it will have penetrated your hair to moisturize from the inside out and not leave it so greasy or shiny.Be sure to stay on a regular, consistent cleansing and conditioning routine and do not put conditioner near your scalp.  Hope this helps!
How yer derin?! i believe this is a case of low porosititis. JUST KIDDING! you have low porosity hair meaning your hair cuticles are tightly compact and closed and reject any ting you put on your hair thus leaving it on to surface of your hair strands and making all greasy and shiny. like i said before your hair rejects any products (moisturizer, leave in condish etcetera) on the surface on your hair. that's why your hair is DRY! NONE OF THAT GOOD STUFF IS GETTING INTO YOUR HAIR! I suggest using heat when you deep condition and research stuff that can open your cuticles.                                   Hope I helped!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old