Is it healthy for your hair to have dangruff? What products to use to get rid of it??

When your hair have lots of flakes sitting on your scalp, How do you get rid of it and is it healhty for your hair to have dangruff?

2 Answers

You should first determine why you have dandruff. Is your scalp too dry? Or is it too oily? If your scalp is dry and itchy, you need to use products with tea tree oil in them to soothe your scalp. Then you need to focus on moisturizing your scalp. SheaMoisture has an African Black Soap line for your hair that is supposed to be pretty good. If your scalp is oily, you should find a medicated shampoo for your dandruff. This is from Livestrong: "NIH recommends daily use of a shampoo with salicylic acid, resorcin, ketoconazole, selenium, zinc or coal tar as the main active ingredient. The shampoo should remain on the scalp for five minutes while the skin is massaged to loosen the flakes." 
Hello Trogers,Dandruff is actually something that some studies say is a problem that 50% of the world's population suffers from, but has not scientific proof that it effects the health of your hair.  Mainly, most people just don't want to see the "flakes", which are really just skin cells shedding from your scalp, on their clothes.The source of dandruff is actually a naturally occurring "fungus" that we all have in our scalp, but for some people it can be a bit more powerful, which causes the flakes.  No amount of not moisturizing or additional moisturizing will take care of it, but you can treat it with many shampoos and conditioners that you can find in any grocery or health foods store.In addition, there are now all types of scalp treatments to help remove the flaky skin in the shower.  We have an great scalp spray that helps gently micro-exfoliate your scalp to rinse away the extra flakes, without causing irritation which could lead to more flakes appearing.I really hope this helps!