I did a mini big chop (if that's even a thing) about a month ago and noticed a huge difference in my curl pattern, I was finally able to tell what hair type I have. I'm a mix of 3b and 3c. After I cut my hair I noticed that it got dryer and more tangled than before I cut it. I started to apply more and more moisturizing products to keep the dryness away and although the moisturizing isn't helping, my hair is becoming a home for product buildup. I clarify my hair every 2 weeks and shampoo once a week but I still feel that my hair has so much product in it. Would it be too much for me to co wash everyday or am i sort of going down the right path with periodic cleansing? Please help me! 

1 Answer

Cleansing daily is bad for all hair textures, as you are causing hygral fatigue and stripping the hair of moisture. What moisturizer are you using and how often are you applying it?