Help my hair loses all softness when I wash it!? Even though I'm looking after it?

I need some help with shampoo advice, I am currently using Loreal hair expertise ever strong shampoo which apparently has no sulphates, however my hair (which was previously chemically and heat damaged) is always dry after I wash it, even though it's usually really heathy and soft since I did a big chop and treatment  to get it back to normal  again, and it's really heathy now. But when I wash it , it takes so long to get its moisture back through treatments and by the time It's nice again it's time to wash it again! Agh! Am I doing something wrong? I don't use styler, only coconut oil and leave my conditioner on for an hour but it's not making a difference? I have heard of co washing and the CG method but I live in the U.K. so everything available is sulphate or silicone based. I am using herbal essences hello hydration conditioner which I know is silicone but it's the only one that's  remotely worked for me. Has anyone had this problem? Or know how to help as I'm really trying to rehab my hair  but it's hard when every time you wash it your back to square one! Please reply I would real appreciate it.

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Good morning SunnyCurls2014! What are you using for your moisturizer or leave-in conditioner? Leaving conditioner (i.e. daily conditioner) in your hair can cause buildup which may be causing the dryness. Tip: When you shampoo you hair, make sure that you are stroking your hair downward to encourage the cuticle layer to lay down. Do not run your hair together or pile it atop your head. Also, dilute your shampoo with water so that the sulfates are less harsh.
thank you, I realy appreciate it ! I'm relatively new here so this was very helpful. I will definitely invest in some gentler products that are more curl friendly as most available  here in the uk are very harsh, thank you again for the great advice!
it may not be the shampoo it could be the coconut oil which tends to make some peoples hair act hard and dry. Take it out of your regimen and replace it with something else and see how you like it.
Also, it appears that you may have hard water.