Help, I need some tips for between washes. My scalp gets itchy with large flakes.

I tend to get itchy scalp with largish oily, scaly flakes (yuck) that stick to the scalp in between washes. I itch it and it becomes red and irritated.  I wash much less in the winter (keep it in twists vs. fro) and it seems that only washing soothes the scalp.  I've tried witch hazel but it does not work to well for me.  Any tips would be helpful.

2 Answers

The same here, if I don't wash my hair I get dandruff and very itchy scalp, the same happens if I cow ash. The only way is to wash it. The maximum I could go is 3 days but I 'trained' my hair up to 4.  Im going to try going for 5 days using the lavender mist suggested at the CGM book and doing spot cleansing :)
I used to have that itchy scalp and dandruff problem. Washing more often (every 2-3 days if not daily) helped combined with oiling the scalp with a bit of tea tree oil in a carrier oil. I followed that up with a scalp massage.