How to get cones' out if hair?

for the past year I've been using Giovanni's frizz be gone serum. I really didn't play attention the the ingredients >_> The silicones in it are cyclopenta-something come and Dimethicone tocopherol. Are these bad silicones? I've been using ape cider vinegar and baking soda to get rid of them but I was researching and people were saying it doesn't work  and I really don't want to use a cheap sulfate shampoo to cleanse :( 

2 Answers

As long as you don't feel any build-up, I wouldn't worry about it. For me, apple cider vinegar usually does the trick to remove build-up from silicones. If you are still worried, amp up the amount of vinegar to water ratio or buy a gentle organic shampoo that you would only use occasionally.
Grab a sulfate free shampoo that contains Cocamidopropyl Betaine or Cocobetaine and is silicone-free. Those remove any and all silicones whether they're water soluble or not.