How to remove product buildup w/o having to wash?

How do I get rid of this annoying buildup? I dont want to wash my hair yet because I feel like I still have a few more days before I shampoo and condition so that I can trim when I do my next twists. I dont want to lose my curls. please Help!! this build up looks like dandruff...ughhhhh

3 Answers

Hmm not sure what to tell you here as the only way I know to get rid of product build up is to wash in some way... whether it's with an ACV rinse, co-wash, or just rinsing your hair with water. Maybe after next wash try using less product to see if that helps? I know for me it took me a while to figure out how much product I need to where it's not too much or not too little. Good luck!
You can do what I do, which is make a mixture of seabreeze, tea tree oil, water, and your fave oil (something light preferably). Part your hair into as many sections as you can stand, spritz your scalp and then get a few q-tips and gently rub away the build-up on your scalp. Because the seabreeze can be a little too drying for some, do a scalp massage with a nice oil afterwards. Hope this helps! 
Great tip, leighbing!