I have 4a fine hair? How often should I wash my hair?

washing every week leaves it very dry and it feels too dirty between trying to do it every other week.

2 Answers

Good afternoon sdickey,I have a few questions: What products are you using? How long are you deep conditioning after you wash? Are you deep conditioning with a hooded dryer?I look forward to hearing from you,Amanda
It looks like you're having the same problem that I had. I also have 4a hair and I noticed that my best bet was to wash my hair every ten( 10 ) days. More than that would leave my hair dirty and leave my scalp itchy. Less than that( eg one week/ 7 days ) was too harsh for my hair because I was using shampoos. To solve this problem, I started washing my hair once in every ten days, which was great until the school year began again. Then I started washing my hair once every week but using Bentonite clay instead of shampoo. This method works best for me because washing my hair with shampoo too often, wreaks havoc on my hair by making my hair dry and difficult to manage. But the Bentonite clay is the best. It leaves my hair clean but not too dry. Though I still prepoo before washing my hair with bentonite clay because it can also leave hair feeling dry, to some extent, but not nearly as bad as shampoo. I hope this helps, bye. P.S. Try washing your hair once in every ten days. If that doesn't work for you, switch to a gentler cleansing method.