How often should I clarify?

I alternate between cowashing (Eden bodyworks) & shampooing (SM super fruit complex) every week, so I end up cowashing about 2x a month & shampooing about 2x a month . I'm not sure if I should do the standard 1x a month clarify or if that'll be too much for my hair?

3 Answers

It depends on which products you use, if you oil your scalp, sebum production, scalp sensitivity etc. Honestly, whenever my scalp feels gloopy then it's time for a good cleansing. You don't want to over clarify and strip your scalp repeatedly until you develop problems. Maybe once a month is good or you can stretch it out a little longer
i prefer to clean the scalp once a week in order for you to keep it free of buildup that could result in dry or oily scalp. we clean our entire body daily or even twice a week for a reason. you can rinse and condition your hair as much as you want/need as long as you're using curl friendly products. cleansing varies per person. if you think your scalp smells funky, give it a good wash. my blog would be helpful for you to read
as needed . Some people sweat more than others , some people use a lot of products on thair hair , some people live in hotter climate . Use good judgment and you'll know natural when its time . If you're not sure always ask a professional stylist . Good luck !