How do I control my dandruff (3b hair?

I have 3b hair, but a bit more frizz and volume. I have dandruff its not horrible, however it does make my scalp quite itchy and it is sometimes visible. I heard that dandruff can be a result of not brushing your hair often enough, but with my hair type I can't really brush it because it gets too frizzy. I use a dandruff shampoo, but I only wash my hair once a week so I'm not sure how much it's helping. 

3 Answers

You will definitely get rid of your dandruff if you use Micmas Remix scalp treatment. Even the deep conditioner they have would work but I prefer the scalp treatment because it has multiple uses. You can buy it on Amazon or They use organic and natural ingredients and I haven't had dandruff or an itchy scalp since I started using Micmas products. Also, you'll notice your curls are more defined with no more frizz and hair will look much healthier. 
first is first to figure out if it's actually dandruff or not.. and why had dandruff due to dry scalp from  eczema and psoriasis I've done how do I oil treatments for the past year and a half with coconut oil and olive oil mixed.. or alone separately the omega fatty oils have helped  tremendously with reducing shredding and Dandruff. 
apple cider vinegar is really good for dandruff and bentonite clay cleans your scalp so well.