After i was my hair if i scratch my scalp it would be i guess dead skin. how do i stop this?

i always use to get braids and i didnt know how to wash my own hair when i was little (im 15 now) and now im going natural going all in with the twist outs and shea moisture shampoo but i realized when i wash my hair and scratched my scalp it has dead skin on it. Is this normal, if not how do i prevent this from happenig again. Somebody please help thank you

1 Answer

I used to have the same issue. First you have to cut out shampoo and switch to cowashing instead. If you can't afford a cowash I used to use a conditioner to wash my hair and detangle in the shower. Cowash once a week or only when u really need to. When you co wash your hair also deep condition after it. Your hair may be dry because your stripping too many oils from your hair. If you have more dandruff use apple cider vinegar on your scalp and work it in. Not too much! I also don't rinse it out, that will cleanse out any build up.**** Follow my tumblr curlzbynini :) ***