How do I make my hair air dry quicker? It take around 2 full days to be fully dry/Getting in the way

I'm a guy (17) with about shoulder length hair, but it's layered since it's the first time I've tried growing it out and I'm still going strong haha.Anyways, I can never wash my hair on a school day because then I'd be in my super tight pony tail all day so it didn't frizz out so I have to wait until like a Friday so I have the weekend to dry, but then I can't do any sports since then I'll have to take another shower. SO IT'S BAD haha.To Start, I have like 2C or 3A type hair, but pretty damn dry.My routine is to comb hair sort of straight then put in some hair masque and then wait for like 5 minutes and rinse, and then get out. I then put in some oil my sister gave me... some cocunut oil, and then some leave in cream, and then I brush and I put it in a pony tail. If I don't put it in a pony tail, it'll explode, so that's kinda essential. And I leave it, sometimes taking it out of the pony tail for like an hour. It's really getting in the way of my life actually, so please does anyone have advice?

1 Answer

Omg I thought I was one of the only guys on here xD but have you ever tried wrapping a cotton T-shirt around your head so it can suck up the water faster?