I have severely dry, flaky, itchy, red scalp! Wash my hair once a week and it's still itchy, help!

I've gone to dermatologist in the past and was given Derma-Smoothe which worked for a while. But since the spring my scalp got worse, I went back to doctor and was given Derma-Smoothe and Ketoconazole Shampoo. I was told to wash my hair once a week. I apply oil then wash my hair the next day, been doing this for months and my scalp hasn't shown much improvement. Since the shampoo was drying my hair out I tried other things like tea tree shampoo, jojoba oil, olive oil. Regardless of what I do my scalp is itchy and flaky about 4days after I wash it. HELP! 

1 Answer

er mer gerd. umm... well idk if you have a dry scalp or an oily scalp because both cases can result in a itchy flaky scalp. I'm assuming you purposely oil your scalp or when your putting the oils on your hair some of it accidentally gets on your scalp. Let's say you have dry scalp. You should take vitamins A, B1, C, and E. Try eating delicious fatty nuts like almonds; also eat avocados(which are filled with many fats, vitamins, and oil) and drink lots of water. Wash your hair with a moisturizing and mostly natural ingredient-ed shampoo and only when your hair is dirty. If you have dry scalp, you are most likely going to have dandruff, too. If you do, buy salicylic acid and add a teaspoon to your shampoo. If you don't have dandruff but just a dry scalp, forget that part. These will all increase your sebum production which will moisturize your scalp and quench it's thirst. Sebum also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which will clear up bacteria and fungi in case you have a bacteria or fungi prob.If you do these things and your scalp is still itchy, icky, and sicky i will now assume you have an oily scalp instead. Now i suggest you use bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice. bentonite clay draws out dirt, excessive oil, toxins, fungi, bacteria and other impurities from your scalp and hair but leaves your hair squeaky-clean, soft, and defined. apple cider vinegar also purifies and clarifies your hair and oily scalp. aloe vera juice is very soothing for your scalp and cleans it leaving a cooling minty sensation! if you use both of these methods and your scalp is still acting weird, please get a highly experienced dermatologist to look closely in your scalp and let her/him know your diet and things you put on your scalp and hair. please send me a pic of your scalp and list all the products you use, how often, and where.Hope I Helpchya!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old