Should I shampoo and condition my hair before I get into the ocean or pool?

I get a lot of product buildup. My hair clings on to it easily. More often than not, when I rinse my hair, the water does not rinse off clear and I want to get out into the ocean for vacation, because it's a lot hotter here in the tropics. My question is, since I don't want the water around me at the beach to turn white or something because of all the buildup in the water from my hair, should I wash my hair first, before I go to the beach?

4 Answers

No you should not, your hair will get dirty anyways and you will have to wash it all over again. But you might want to put a moisturizer in to lock in mosture
I don't think the water will turn white from your buildup. However, many curlies recommend saturating your hair with conditioner before you go swimming to protect your hair, and not rinsing it out. So instead of doing a cleanse and conditioner, just try conditioning your hair, braiding it, and then going swimming. Omarylloyd is right, you will have to wash it again anyways, so you might not want to cleanse your hair so soon before the beach. Have fun! 
if you wet your hair before getting into the pool it will already be full of water and won't be able to soak up the chemicals in the pool
Thanks guys!