Ever since i started the curly girl method, my hair looks defined.... until i wash it.

I have started using the curly girl method as of a couple weeks ago, and I am finally seeing the loose, defined waves I have always wanted, until i wash my hair. After I get out of the shower after washing, I do my regular routine and go to bed, then rewet my hair in the morning and put in product, scrunch, etc. If I shower in the morning using the same routine, my hair does not look as defined as when I wash at night. Is this because of the shampoo/conditioner I am using? Is my current shampoo/conditioner making my hair TOO clean?

1 Answer

Hi ZWavy, Your case is interesting...I don't think your shampoo or conditioner is affecting your definition. The only thing I can think of is that your hair's wetness is different. Most people see more success with hair product when they style it soaking wet. The wetter, the better ( in most cases). When you re-wet it in the morning, is your hair wetter or dryer than when you shower? I, like you, have more definition when I re-wet my hair because I soak it with a spray bottle. When I style out of the shower, my hair is usually too dry (it dries fast) and therefore, definition isn't as good. Do you think yours is a similar case? Let me know!