Can i use two different shampoos

i have two shampoos the shea moisture deep cleansing african black soap one and the shea moisture coconut and hibiscus one but i read that you shouldnt always use the african black soap deep cleanser because it's obviously a deep cleanser and it'll strip my hair of all my natural oils so i should switch it up sometimes but i also read that it isnt good to use two different shampoos so should i just use the deep cleanser or should i switch it up. But not like wash my hair with the same shampoo at once but switch it up as in this month ill use this one an the next month ill use the other "switch it up" im sorry for the long paragraph and thank you in advance 

2 Answers

it's fine to alternate shampoos, i personally like use the SM curl & shine shampoo or the SM JBCO shampoo (clarifying like the SM deep cleansing shampoo). I don't really have a reason for it but my hair hasn't had and issues.
Definitely! It's totally fine to do whatever works for your hair. I personally can't handle the african black soap but if you feel like you need a deep clean every once in a while or even every other wash, then you should use it. Sometimes I feel like regularly switching between a couple of products is better than using one too often and in the case of the African Black Soap shampoo, you might think its too harsh, when actually it simply needs to be used occasionally as opposed to every wash in order to work its best. I hope that helps!