Should i co-wash?

I have low porosity 4c hair and i have always used shampoo. My shampoo doesnt strip my hair from moisture but I've heard other people raving about co-washing saying its great. But I've also heard people say its nasty or gross. I'm not sure what to do. P.S. I use a apple cider vinegar rinse once a month :)

2 Answers

if shampoo does not strip your hair , then you should not have to co wash, but there is no harm in trying it . Just make sure you use an actual cleansing conditioner , if you don't you can still use a regular conditioner you have in your house . I've done it before and I like the results , but shampoo gets my hair cleaner. 
I like co-washing every one in a while, to refresh my hair without fully washing and not lose any moisture. But regularly I wash with a sulfate-free cleanser--whether its a co-wash or shampoo or other kind of cleanser. If your hair doesn't feel stripped from your shampoo though, there's no point in switching to co-washing regularly instead of shampooing. If you want to try it you could co-wash like every other shampoo or in between shampoos just to see if your hair likes it or not. But unless you have a reason to, (like, your hair gets really, really dried out or you work out a lot and want to be able to refresh your hair often without using shampooing too often) I would just stick with your current routine as long as your hair is healthy and happy enough for you :)